Who We Are

At Community Support Network, Inc (CSN) we pour our hearts and souls into the care of our clients. As a nonprofit established in 1991, we support over 80 members of this community that are often overlooked. Our services are unique because our clients will require care, often intensive care, for their entire lives. CSN ensures that adults with developmental delays increase their confidence and competence through our daily hands-on care. Through this process our clients develop the skills to fully participate in this community. How we accomplish our mission:


  • Employment: We provide well-trained clients to address local business staffing needs. 

  • Culinary & Science Lab: We practice a variety of kitchen-based life and work skills and important aspects of interacting with the world we live in.

  • Life Skills: We support clients in learning and practicing skills of daily living, community outreach, and physical activities, which enhances their independence and physical health.

  • Social and Emotional Learning: We support deep emotional connections, self-regulation, self-awareness and growth for our clients.

  • Maker’s Space: We use a variety of art media, including from our recycling program, to produce finished products for sale in our store.

  • Vintage, Mod & More, a unique retail boutique by CSN: We teach retail and customer service skills by having our clients staff the store.

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Our Mission

Community Support Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to providing comprehensive day-time services to individuals with developmental disabilities. These day-time services include: supported employment, recreation and leisure services, community integration, and case management.

Community Support Network, Inc. believes that all individuals, regardless of their level of functioning, should be integrated and supported in all aspects of community life. Community Support Network strives to promote natural supports and to develop a network of relationships for all consumers.