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CSN client rides his bike to work at Integrative Sport & Physiotherapy
CSN client working at Union South
CSN client working at Metcalfe's Market

Our employment program matches clients who want to work and employers that need team members. 96% of our clients who want to work are working in paid jobs. CSN collaborates with an amazing array of employers in the Madison area. We provide training, job placement, and ongoing coaching. 



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Robert works at Integrative Sport and Physiotherapy (ISP). He provides custodial services for ISP, such as collecting towels and trash as well as cleaning the locker rooms and cardio equipment - keeping things neat and clean for members.

Dana works at Metcalfe's Market. Stop on in and say hi while Dana bags your groceries for you.

Mark works at Union South. He washes dishes for the restaurants so they can continue serving up tasty food to UW - Madison students and visitors.

Life Skills

Our wide array of activity options help our clients build and maintain competence and confidence. These activities include:

Art and Music: We explore our creativity through art and music. Sometimes the process of creating new things can be even more rewarding than the end product. When we combine creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless!​

Social and Emotional Learning​:​ Our daily discussions and activities utilize skills that allow us to expand our social and emotional learning - helping us to better understand ourselves and other individuals that we interact with on a daily basis.

Movement and Relaxation: We are exploring different forms of movement and relaxation methods. Our movement activities include the use of our in house treadmill or recumbent bicycle and performing various self guided stretches and exercise videos. During relaxation groups, we try a variety of breathing and yoga exercises, as well as simply dimming the lights and listening to relaxing music. Each individual benefits from different practices and is able to choose what is the most beneficial and enjoyable for them.

Academic and Communication: We work together to complete group jigsaw puzzles, do various logic and problem solving worksheets, as well as science activities. We are able to apply what we've learned to help us work through day to day dilemmas. These groups lead to discussions which help us gain a better understanding of the people and environment around us. It also leads us to continuing our practice of American Sign Language, interpreting non verbal communication, and more, which allows us to more effectively communicate with all individuals around us.​

Health and Cooking: Each week we enjoy a Friday cooking class. We prepare a healthy treat each week and discover what new foods we love. We also discuss the process of preparing each dish and safe kitchen practices. Some of these important conversations include knife safety, how to properly clean and prep our food, and how to make healthy food choices. It's always one of our favorite parts of the week!

Interested in our day services?

Complete the preliminary application below and a CSN staff member will be in touch with you!

CSN client making a pumpkin with tissue paper
CSN client cutting peppers for cooking class
CSN client exercising on the stationary recumbent bicycle
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