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Donate to CSN

A Handful of Ways to Donate to CSN

  • Make a Financial Donation:

    • CSN will always benefit from a financial donation. For us to get the most benefit from your entire donation, we'd appreciate if you send in a check. You can also use this convenient PayPal donation button to use your credit card or a withdrawal via PayPal from your bank account. For all donations, please include your full name and address so that we can send you a confirmation letter for your taxes.

Mail Donation To:

- OR -

PayPal Donation:

1191 North Sherman Avenue

Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608.620.3010

Fax: 608.270.2238

EIN: 39-1694845

  • Donate Your Services: 

    • Do you or your business provide a service that you'd like to offer to our clients, staff, or our organization? CONTACT US to let us know what you'd like to offer to help us.

  • Shop with ShopRaise:

    • Whether it’s shopping for daily essentials like groceries, buying furniture for your home office, or even booking your next trip, the ShopRaise app lets you turn your everyday shopping into support for CSN, all at no additional cost to you. CLICK HERE to learn more and start shopping.​

Your Gift Makes An Impact

Art Supplies

Buys educational materials and art supplies


Buys musical intruments or music subscriptions to foster creativity

CSN staff member coaching a CSN client

Provides job placement and coaching services

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