Praise for CSN

what staff members say

“It’s a setting where clients and employees enjoy coming to and feel well cared for.” - LS

“It’s inspiring to see the clients grow thanks to the great team at CSN!” - EV

“The year and a half I have worked for CSN has been life changing and has shown me the direction I want to take as far as a career is concerned.” - CT (off to the Peace Corps)

“I don’t think you’ll ever realize what an enriching experience CSN has proven to be for me. Thanks.” - JM

“I always felt highly respected by my supervisors and appreciated their ‘hands on’ approaches. All directors were easy to approach.” - Exit interview with AR (off to the Peace Corps)

“I’m back to management now. I decided to send a donation to CSN as a “thank you” for the wonderful training and supportive environment. I think my current job should pay you for my training. They are benefiting from it all. I think about CSN everyday. All my experience from CSN is being used here.” - JP