Praise for CSN

what clients & guardians say

“I think CSN is doing a great job with the resources available. Thank you for your continued ‘creative out of the box thinking'” - CH

“I like SALSO and I like my jobs.  I like so many things about CSN.” - SM

“I like doing puzzles.” - DW

“CSN is extremely creative, always finding new activities for clients to enrich their lives. At the same time their cost of hourly support per client is one of the lowest for this kind of agency. The staff is very well trained and enthusiastic about the job they are doing. I admire their team work. CSN provides strong support to my son to the smallest detail I described as important for his level of functioning. Thank you for your great work.” - BW

“My daughter has been so happy with CSN since she has been going there. The stress is gone and the support is great. She comes home tired, but extremely happy. We know that she is well cared for and encouraged throughout the day. We are very grateful for the opportunity.” - Parent

“You are so good to us and we like the work you do for us. It makes us happy a lot. Thank you.” - from group card: SM, DZ, MM, HS

“CSN has been a very good fit for us. Everyone has worked very hard to make our daughter’s post high school work experience successful.” - Parent

“I can not say enough about the CSN Staff! [My brother] loves [his Coaches and Case Manager] and truly enjoys his work experience everyday! I am so grateful for all the help they have given me as well.” - MM